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Looking for healthy not restricted way of losing weight? 

Build a good relationship with food

Reach a healthy body weight and emotional stability

Free yourself from strict diets and temporary fixes forever.


Only Available in Spanish


The course that will teach you how to eat predominantly HEALTHY considering what you already eat, what you like and what you can get using online videos, classes and activities that you can complete
in 7 days or less!


RedGoGreen 360

Course to develop a good relationship with food, to achieve/maintain a healthy body weight, and to attain a healthy lifestyle that involves physical, mental, and emotional balance and well-being.

I want to develop a good relationship with food

Individual Coaching Sessions

Life coaching services to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs and a healthy balance in life. Our action-driven approach goes beyond the superficial, to help you see the things you have refused to face. Honest, provocative, and enlightening coaching will make you aware of your self-created barriers and dramatically increase your daily effectiveness and enjoyment of a fulfilling life.


Guide "RGG Highlights"

This summary document contains the most important content from the presentations you saw in the program videos. With this document, you will always have the information we shared with you at hand to continue to reinforce your transformation of your relationship with food, even after you finish your program.


About us

Doris Jucht is a Life Coach, Nutrition Coach, Health Coach, entrepreneur, and leader in the corporate world in the field of interpersonal relationship optimization for more than 20 years. Since 2016, she has focused on helping her clients optimize their relationship with food by strengthening the essential pillars of honesty and proactive behavior to generate awareness and tangible results from day one. Founder of RedsGoGreen. A program that helps improve one's lifestyle and health, by developing a harmonious relationship between food and themselves, to maximize well-being and to develop a sustainable healthier and happier version of each individual.

Jeanette Balayla is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, MFT, MS, Coach who after years of education in the mental health field and a long journey to self-discovery and self-love, has developed a practice in which she invites clients to explore their authenticity, improve their unique skills, and practice vulnerability in order to achieve positive change.

She utilizes a solution-focused approach that allows clients to develop skills and learn to adapt to new situations on their own. Her work Will focus on helping ones achieve a new balance to enjoy life more. Her goal is to provide a safe space for individuals to explore, be vulnerable, and grow.

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Thanks to RGG, today I have a healthy relationship with food, and I no longer think about eating all the time. At RedsGoGreen I received the tools I needed, and I have done things that I refused to do for many years.


Now, I am very focused on my goal, I have in my mind the steps to make better decisions all the time.


I'll be forever grateful for this change! I have done it with a Iot of love. I had never achieved this before, despite a lot of strict diets, I always went out to eat unhealthy foods.


I always had willpower for everything else except sweets. Now I don't buy them and eat them from time to time. When I make my menu, I think about the colors ofthe selections I'm making: Red, Yellow and Green. I have lost 20 lbs. This program changed my mindset and taught me to make better food choices.

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